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We are a rum and tequila oasis serving Pan-Latin and Cuban-American cuisine,
exotic Caribbean cocktails, and the best Mojitos in Chicago


Our House Specialty! Fresh mint, limes, sugar and various flavored rum. Shaken and poured over ice with a splash of soda.

Original $12 - $40

Guava $13 - $42

Berry $13 - $42

Coconut $13 - $42

Peach $13 - $42

Mango $13 - $42

Don Julio Blanco $14 - $45

The Millionaire Mojito $16

Our house mojito featuring Ron Zacapa 23


A refreshing Brazilian classic made with Leblon sugar cane Cachaca, muddled limes, and sugar.

Original $12 - $40

Passion Fruit $13 - $42

Jalapeño $12 - $40

Old Fashion $16


Pisco is a grape brandy produced in the winemaking regions of Peru and Chile

Pisco Sour $12

Peruvian Pisco Porton with citrus juice, sugar, and egg whites, topped with bitters.


Piscoche $13

Peruvian Pisco Porton, pineapple juice, simple syrup, cherry juice, and a hint of citrus.


Passion fruit Pisco $14

Porton Pisco, Passion Fruit, citrus juice, and egg whites, topped with bitters


House Margarita $12 - $40

Corazon 100% Blue Agave Blanco Tequila, orange liqueur and house made sour mix.


Grand Margarita $15

Cazadores Reposado is shaken with Grand Marnier and house-made sour mix.


Mezcal Margarita $13

Montelobos Mezcal, orange liqueur, house made sour mix.


Guava Mezcalita $14

Montelobos Mezcal, Guava puree, sour mix,Cointreau.


Jalapeño Margarita $13

Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila, orange liqueur, house-made margarita mix, Tajin salt rim.

Pomegranate Skinny Margarita $14

Reposado Tequila fresh lime juice and a splash of pomegranate puree


Platino Havana $12

Matusalem Platino Rum is shaken with pineapple and lemon juice.


Guayabera $14

Cruzan Berry and Bacardi Peach Red shaken with cranberry juice and pink guava puree

Cantarito $15

Patron reposado with lime juice, orange juice, and grapefruit juice served Tajin rim

La Passion $14

Flor de Cana 4 year and Passion Fruit, the orange liqueur are shaken with passion fruit juice and grenadine


La Vida Coco $12

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, pomegranate liqueur, piña colada mix, a dash of bitters


Zacapa 23 Old Fashion $16

Zacapa Rum muddled with cherries and orange. Bacardi


Banana Daiquiri $13

Banana Rum and Spiced Rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and banana puree


Patron Old Fashion $16

Patron Extra Anejo, muddled cherries, and Oranges

Patron Paloma $14

Patron Reposado with lime juice and squirt and a splash of red ruby grapefruit juice

Tequila Mangonada $14

Julio Reposado with mango pure and homemade spicy mix.


Guava Martini $14

Cruzan Guava Rum, pink guava puree, orange liqueur, and house-made sour mix.


Lychee Martini $15

Don Q Coco Rum, White Rum, and lychee puree, with a coconut-rimmed glass.


Mango Martini $14

Cruzan Mango Rum, orange liqueur, house-made sour mix, and fresh mango juice.


Coffee Martini  $16

Absolut Vanilla and Kahlua mixed with fresh espresso. 


Corazon Espinado $14

Corazon Blanco, Strawberry Puree, Rose Petal water, fresh lime juice, a splash of Cointreau, and a splash of cava.


A sweet blend of wine, orange liqueur, pineapple juice, cherry brandy, and tropical fruit. Choice of Red or White


$12 Glass - $35 Pitcher


Each flight offers different tequilas that complement each other in flavor, color, intensity, and mouthfeel. Flights consist of three 3/4 oz. samples of different tequilas. Choose from the following flights depending on your tequila preference or curiosity.

Blanco Flight $28

If you prefer light, unaged agave tequila, try our Blanco Flight. These tequilas are aged less than two months if at all in oak and bottled immediately. Casa Noble Crystal, Herradura, Riazul


Reposado Flight $30

Reposado tequila is aged for several months in oak barrels. Our Reposado Flight offers the light characteristics of barreling, combined with the lingering herbal flavors of the agave plant. Don Julio, Cabo Wabo, Milagro


Añejo Flight $32

Añejo tequilas are aged for over a year. This results in a refined, dark, and complex profile, with deep cherry and vanilla flavors and aromas. Tres Generaciones, Cabo Wabo, Riazul


Flight De La Casa $45

This flight offers one extra añejo sample from each family. Select from the following families: Reserva de Familia, Cincoro Añejo, Don Julio 1942


Mojito $28

Our House Specialty! Fresh mint, limes, sugar, and various flavored rum. Shaken and poured over ice with a splash of soda. Try 3 of our Signature Mojitos.


Choose three of your favorite flavors. Original, Berry, Guava, Mango, Coconut, Peach


Flights consist of three 1/2oz. samples of different rums. Choose from the following flights depending on your rum preference or curiosity.



These rums are generally aged in oak barrels for up to a year and filtered before bottling. This process gives golden rums their clean, light flavor. Flor de Caña 7 Year, Matusalem Classico, Appleton Estate



Heavy-bodied or dark rums are the richest rums that receive their flavor from being aged in charred oak casks. These rums are rich and sweet in flavor. Matusalem Reserva, Bacardi 8 Años, El Dorado Dark Rum



A progressive tasting of rums that develops complexity in the glass. These rums are sweet with aromas of caramel and butterscotch, combined with layers of flavor indicative of the different barrels in the Solera Process.

Flor de Caña 12 Años, Ron Zacapa 23, Leblon Reserva



Mount Gay Extra Old, Appleton Reserve El Dorado 5 Year


Champagne and Sparkling

Taittinger Champagne - France  $71

Poema Cava Brut - Spain $10 - $34


Light and Lively Whites

Moscato - La Perlina, Italy $12 - $36


Intense and Aromatic Whites

Aveleda Alvarinho - $12 - $36

Chardonnay - Sonoma-Cutrer, California $15

Chardonnay - Stephen Vincent, North Coast $11 - $36

Sauvignon Blanc - Boya-Argentina $13 - $35

Pinot Grigio - Sterling, Napa $14 - $42


Soft and Approachable Reds

Carmenere - Saca Silva, Spain $14 - $48

Grenache/Tempranillo Blend - Don Ramon, Spain

$13 - $38

Pinot Noir - The Pinot Project, California $13- $38

$12 - $45


Rich and Bold Reds

Cabernet - Silver Gate, California $13 - $38

​Malbec - La posta , , Argentina $14 - $42

Malbec -Anko Flor Cardon, Mendoza $14 - $42

Rioja - Muga  Crianza $15 - $46


Bohemia, Mexico - $7

Corona, Mexico - $7

Corona Light, Mexico - $7

Dos Equis, Mexico - $7

Heineken, Netherlands - $7

Negra Modelo, Mexico - $7

Stella Artois, Belgium - $7

Victoria, Mexico - $7

Pacifico Clara, Mexico - $7

Modelo Especial, Mexico - $7

Presidente, Dominican - $7

Lagunitas  IPA, Chicago - $9

Quilmes. Argentina - $8

Xingu, Brazil - $8

Estrella Galicia, Spain - $9

La Palma, Cuban Style - $8






Golden Rum

Dark Rum


Union  $12

Ilegal   $13

Ilegal Anejo  $

Los Vecinos $12

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